About Me

About Me

New to blogging but not new to a happy life. Turning 30 soon and very excited about it. Born is Krakow, Poland, in a semi big family , but very close one for sure.     My sister is my total opposite, but I still love her 😉 I think I was often jealous of her. She had a plan for life and set of goals, that she would achieve one by one. Apart from my only nephew. That wasn’t in her plans before finishing Uni. But I was happy that maybe I’ve just stopped being the black sheep in the family hahaha.

Lots of cousin love, plenty of faces and souls to play with and shop with later in life. I had a great childhood filled with happy memories, amazing holidays, ( the smell of mosquito repellent and petrol still reminds me of summer holidays back home ), long term friendships and music of the 90’s. No mobile phones, No facebook and No Kardashians. And then life happened. Fast forward to 2009.
Decided to go to Australia for 6 months. Been living here for 6 years now and can honestly say it was the best decision ever. This blog is going to be about me and my life story, but only at first. I have a list of bullet points with topics that I wanna share with the world. Things new to me like nutrition, quitting smoking, happy & healthy living; but also old and “boring” romance, dancing, movies and whatever else I can think of or someone is asking for.

Why Beetroot? ( pol. burak, buraczek. )Because it’s good for you!! And is as popular in Australia as it is in Poland.

New posts to read – left hand side.  😉

Love ❤ Gacia

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