About Me

About Me

If you’re new to my blog, it’s all about my disastrous love life, my journey to find inner happiness, but most importantly my love for food. Whole food. Real food.

I’m Polish but been living in Perth, Australia for 10+ years. I’ve discovered ketogenic diet in 2020, in the middle of pandemic when I lost my job and needed to refocus my life goals

Homeland: Krakow, Poland.

Standard Family: Mum, Dad, Sister. Lots of cousin love, plenty of faces and souls to play with and shop with later in life. I had a great childhood filled with happy memories, amazing holidays, ( the smell of mosquito repellent and petrol still reminds me of summer holidays back home ), long term friendships and music of the 90’s. No mobile phones, No facebook and No Kardashians. And then life happened. Fast forward to 2009.
Decided to go to Australia for 6 months. I live here permanently now, and can honestly say it was the best decision ever. I think…

Current homeland: Perth, Western Australia

Why Beetroot? ( pol. burak, buraczek. )Because it’s good for you!! Australia as it is in Poland.

New posts to read – left hand side. 😉

Love ❤ Gacia


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