5 years later…..

5 years later…..

Hello my Lovelies,

This has been long time coming. It’s been 5 years since my last post, and I haven’t written anything new, not because My life got boring all of a sudden. I stopped writing, because I thought I found a career I was happy with. Boy was I wrong. ( dental technician wrong ).

Ps: My diploma of Technology is now waiting to be framed and hanged in prime location, my toilet.

Sooo very long story short I’ve only lasted in the industry for 1 year before going back to what I knew best ~ hospitality.

In the meantime, and that’s a very vague and shortened explanation, I’ve found myself indulging more and more in food. I loved food, but the food I was eating didn’t love me back. And I have put a lot of weight over the years… I blamed my ex partner, I blamed my job, I blamed Melbourne. But It never occurred to , that the person I should blame is…. well ME.

So when the covid hit last year, I’ve found myself without a job, without a purpose but with a lot of spare time and spare love handles. At first it was like a dream come true. Watching tv for 2 weeks straight…, but then. I finally got up and started walking. Like a lot. I’ve discovered places in Perth, that I didn’t know existed, despite them being around the corner.

After my new found love for walks, I knew I also had to review my relationship with food. It was toxic.

Are you interested to find out how I got to where I am? Stay tuned, new post is coming soon

My walking buddy aka The love of my life❤ Zoey

Well that ship has sailed quickly….