Soon I’ll be 31 years Old……

Soon I’ll be 31 years Old……

Just recently I was trying to pick myself up from all the mistakes from the past, and it became obvious, that no matter how hard I try, life will never be perfect. I can only dream of better times to come, better food to eat, better clothes to wear. Or I can accept it  for what it is, embrace it, and then it will all get easier to handle…

NO IT WON’T………….. Ask anyone. Married, engaged, single…. we are all equally confused. Why? Because morals in XXI century turned to stone. No one knows what’s going on yet everyone is trying to prove there is hope. “nadzieja jest matka glupich” some would say. I say: hope is the only thing keeps us all alive. We traveled to The Moon for God’s sake! That has to mean something.

I’ve only recently graduated and got my Diploma in Dental Technology. Hell yes I feel Proud. Hell yes I know it was worth it. But did it change who I am.? No.

It just made me more aware that there are things I thought were impossible for me to do, yet I accomplished them. Pursue your dreams.


love ❤ Gacia



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