We are Citizens of the World šŸŒ

We are Citizens of the World šŸŒ

People canĀ tryĀ convince me all theyĀ want, that there is onlyĀ one place, and one soulmateĀ for each of us. Our destiny, waiting for us just around the corner. Why not two, three or 5? (Threesomes are proven to give so much joy! ) If it’sĀ true, why people migrate so much, seeking bigger and betterĀ future… I’m not saying we shouldn’t stay and live where we were born, but what if some of us wereĀ born to move away, and spread the word about how great is the place weĀ came from?Ā I wonder how many of my friends from back home is living abroad or overseas at the moment. One day I’ll sit down and check.Ā Off the top of my head I can at least count 20. ( I hope you’re reading this! )

In my early childhood and pre-teen years , I didn’t thinkĀ twice about where this life is going to take me. All I wanted to do was to have fun, explore caves, climb trees and watch magnificent nature in its glory – plants, insects, wild animals, birds or pets, living their life. AndĀ attempt to play with them. Sometimes, bringing them home injured, SometimesĀ accidentally killingĀ them. Oh nahhh wait, that was my sister. All I cared about was Matchbox, My little Pony and then Spice Girls.Ā Anyhow.

I recall High school as a really long and sometimes sunny corridor. WhichĀ was actually a maze, that I couldn’t get out of. AĀ struggle. I feltĀ like a character from a greek tragicomedy. Happy outside, but dying on the inside. Not literally of course. I was dying to stop being pressured to learn things I didn’t want or needed. It didn’t matter thatĀ I wasn’t sure what I want to do with myself, orĀ where to go. I just wanted to get out of there!

If you asked me today: Where do you see yourself 5 years ago? I’d probably say: I’m living in a house withĀ 2Ā kids, an estranged husband and his parents.Ā Most likely working as a travel consultant. And I haveĀ 3 lovers, each in different country šŸ˜‰ That’s if I stayed where I was. Though I always had a feeling, that I’ll end up somewhere weird. My love for tourism and foreign languages seemed enough to feelĀ obliged to conquer the world. Especially, when everyone around me started gettingĀ married and having kids. And who knows me well, knows that I’m not a fan of kids. Unless they’re mine. But… I don’t have any :-D.

And then opportunity came so I left. I miss home terribly at the moment but having Skype makes everything easier and worth the hassle.

My idea of how to be happier and healthierĀ only shaped around a month ago. Before I start talking about my journey, I admit, I could go on on on about how miserableĀ and how challenging the last two years has been. Drama sells better. But it was my fault that I gave in to that negative mind set and damaging lifestyle.Ā I could also go on and on aboutĀ how I’m still not certain where I’ll end up permanently. I do know where I want to be, however it’s 60% up to me, 20% up to immigration, 10% up to faith and 10% up to luck šŸ˜‰ The idea is simple: Eat well, think positive and surround yourself with happy people.Ā And remember. It’sĀ important to know where you’re going, and that you ARE going alone. Even if you’re not.

So here I am. Living upside down, away from my Family and Friends but happier and healthier thanĀ ever before. And it’s only the beginning….

Love ā¤ Gacia



One thought on “We are Citizens of the World šŸŒ

  1. They say that life is a constant struggle, a journey but not a destination. People in nature are vagabond, always seeking for love, peace and wealth. But each tracks have rough edges,its up to us whether to smoothen the course or leave it that way.I myself were once on the rugged road and weakend most of the time but life has thought me much.So, live at peace,inspire people, forgive often, love with faithfullness and above all let God do the rest,because God’s timing is always PERFECT..thanks to your blog..you’re an inspiration..

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