6 years in Australia!🎈

6 years in Australia!🎈

I can’t believe it’s been that long since I’ve arrived here, on a 6 months visa, looking for some fun and maybe an idea for the future. And when it was the time to leave, I called my mum and asked how much loose change they have, because I refuse to go home. Little did I know that I will be staying for another 5 years

6 years full of adventures, dancing, drinking, laughter, ups and downs, tears of joy, tears of heartache… After all that, and 4 different certificates and diplomas later, let me tell you: Nothing worth fighting for comes easy. Motivation helps, but won’t be enough. Support system is essential. Yourself – self confidence, family and friends.

If I had breakdowns, or wanted to pack and piss off home, it was not because I was missing home or I couldn’t cope with my workload and sudden lifestyle change.

In fact, first year and a half I’ve spent partying, socializing, living with $7 left on my account and still being the happiest chick on the planet. But then I had to move on and move out from my uncle’s safe haven; all inclusive with food and rent. It hurt for a while, but oh dear, I finally realized what struggle is. Budgeting, planning ahead and self control. Things like thinking twice before taking a taxi from CBD to Joondalup or talking to randoms on the street. Let me just say – Nor it’s cheap or safe.

Surprisingly I had a lot more money after moving out and starting sharing a house with a friend. Long story short I had some money saved up for emergencies and extra occasions and few hundreds for rent and bills; whereas and the rest would evaporate in smokes or got drowned in booze. Happy vibe happy life. Carefree. Not a worry in the world. Oh, apart from attendance at school, maybe. Sorry Mum! ( Never a keen student )….. 😉

to be continued….

Love ❤ Gacia


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